2018 Jackson Township Municipal Utilities Authority Capital Improvement Program


The Jackson Township Municipal Utilities Authority (the “Authority”) has embarked on a $30,000,000.00 capital improvement program in 2018 and we wanted to herein provide our rate payers with more information on these very important projects.

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The Authority evaluated the two (2) water storage tanks on Manhattan Street in 2013 and it was determined that they required nearly $1,000,000.00 in rehabilitation. Due to the fact that they are undersized for the current system and the fact that they are 53 years old and 47 years old, respectively, it was determined to be more cost-effective to construct a new 2 million gallon standpipe and booster station. The Authority is also in need of a warehouse and this will be constructed as part of the same project.

Eagle Construction Services, Inc. started construction in September 2017 and enclosed please find a photograph of the standpipe from July 2018. This tank is scheduled to be in-service by October 2018.

The entire project, including the warehouse, the booster station and a replacement well house for Well No. 3 are scheduled to be completed by December 2019.


The vast majority of the Authority’s water comes from the Middle Potomac-Raritan-Magothy (Middle PRM) aquifer which is approximately 1,300 feet deep in Jackson Township. This aquifer is the source of supply for the London Drive and Hyson Road Water Treatment Plants (WTPs) and a back-up well is needed for the London Drive WTP. As such, the Authority installed a monitoring well off Bennetts Mills Road in July 2018. Once permitted, this location will be the site of a future production well which is expected to produce 2.88 million gallons per day (MGD).


The existing Six Flags Water Treatment Plant was constructed in the 1970s and is need of replacement.  The Authority is able to borrow funds at extremely low interest rates and we were able to leverage this low cost financing into a cost-effective joint project between the Authority and Six Flags. In short, the Authority will construct a WTP, which it will own and operate, that will be rated for 3.24 MGD on property the Authority owns outside of Six Flags. This future facility will serve both Six Flags Great Adventure as well as the Authority’s service area including the Route 537 corridor. Construction began in June 2018 and is expected to be completed in June 2020. 

*Shown below are drawings of the future facility.


Until 2011, there were three (3) separate public water systems in Jackson (the Authority’s system, the Six Flags Great Adventure system and the Legler system). The Authority purchased the Legler system from the Township of Jackson and interconnected it with the Authority’s system in 2011. The next phase is to interconnect the Six Flags Great Adventure system via a 22,820 liner foot water main extension. The water main will be 16” diameter ductile iron pipe and will extend down West Commodore Boulevard, Patterson Road, Anderson Road and Route 537.

The water main extension will also include a booster station off East Commodore Boulevard to provide requisite pressures and flows to the Six Flags/Route 537 region. This work is expected to begin in late July 2018 and will be completed by January 2020.




1.Why is this water infrastructure being replaced rather than rehabilitated?
Water Infrastructure typically has a life of approximately 40 years and it is often more cost-effective to replace rather than to rehabilitate older infrastructure. As part of these projects, it was determined that replacing the infrastructure was the best alternative.

2. Are my rates going to increase significantly with $30,000,000 in projects being undertaken?
No. The Authority’s rates are currently 15% below the average for Ocean and Monmouth Counties and we only anticipate requiring cost of living increases to fund these improvements. The Authority is able to keep rates relatively stable for several reasons including the fact that Six Flags Great Adventure is helping fund the water treatment plant, a developer is funding Well 18 and the remainder of the funds are being borrowed from the New Jersey Infrastructure Bank for 20-30 years at an estimated interest rate below 1%. 

3. Will the new Six Flags Great Adventure Water Treatment Plant only service Six Flags Great Adventure?
No. This new facility will serve Six Flags Great Adventure as well as the Authority’s water system.

4. I have heard that a hotel may be sited on Route 537. Is this part of this project? Yes. The Township of Jackson, the Authority and Six Flags Great Adventure have worked to ensure that this water main extension has other benefits in addition to just interconnecting the water systems. This water main extension will provide redundancy to Six Flags Great Adventure as well as providing service to potential commercial properties in the Township’s Master Plan.