Public Notices


It has come to the Authority’s attention that some Jackson residents have received yellow post cards in the mail with the heading “WATER UPDATE” (pictured below). The card follows by saying someone was unable to contact you and leaves times and a number to call back. Please be advised that these cards are NOT being sent by the Authority but are in fact being sent out by a private company using questionable tactics in order to sell water filter systems. This company has had numerous complaints made against them via the Better Business Bureau. The MUA advises customers to be cautious in any dealings with them.

Furthermore, the Authority would like to again reassure our customers that there have been no issues or changes in our water quality. The MUA posts its annual Drinking Water Quality Report for all to see and can be found here and Information on how to read this report can be found here.

As always, the Authority will continue to monitor the potable water for all contaminants but we are pleased to report that the drinking water in Jackson Township is safe and of exceptional quality.

Water Update Scam